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What's the deal with wheels?

Great skaters affirm - you should learn how to skate on any wheels on any surface.

That being said,

  • Outdoor surfaces (asphalt pathways, concrete sidewalks), go best with softer wheels.

  • Indoor SLIPPERY surfaces (polished concrete), go best with slightly harder wheels.

  • Indoor STICKY surfaces (painted concrete, some sport courts), go best with much harder wheels.

For a really detailed explanation, check out

What do I need right now?

The painted concrete at the Roller Skating Place is an "in-between" surface. Sometimes it's more sticky in the humid weather, and sometimes it's slippery.

The majority of the Rebels skate on wheels between 88 - 94, but it can come down to preference. The weight of the skater also makes a bit of difference.

In the beginning, many skaters prefer the grip of the 84-88. It can help to make you feel in control.

Later, when you're ready to make some real noise with your plow and hockey stops, harder wheels can help (91 +)

Single durometer skates (above)

"Morph Skates" - each of the 2 different colours has a different Durometer (hardness), allows the skater to use the edges in different ways.


- If you bought Derby skates, the wheels are ok for now. Borrow some wheels from a Rebel to see which wheels you feel best on.


You'll also need the tools!

There is a lot to learn here. ASK A REBEL for advice!

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