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Learning the Rules: Officiating!

Here's what the WFTDA Rule Book tells us:

Here's the Casebook:

Non-Skating Officials - NSOs

NSO positions include:

Jam Timer - At a bout, the jam timer times and starts jams, tracks the 30 seconds between jams, and ends a jam at 2 minutes.

Penalty Tracker - During a bout, the penalty tracker records the penalties called by referees and keeps track of all the penalties.

Penalty Timer - At every bout, there are at least 2 officials overseeing the penalty box, who keep track of the skater's 30 second penalties and release the skaters back into play.

Score Catcher - 2 scorekeepers are needed for each game. They record the points reported by the Jammer Referees and keep the official score.

Scoreboard Operator - 1 scoreboard operator is needed to work with the computer scoreboard system and input the scores from the scorekeepers as well as ensures that the game clock is running correctly.

Dublin Roller Derby Explains Everything!

Video: Intro to the Penalty Box:

WFTDA - Officials Certification (Free)

Whether you are an Official, want to be one, or a Skater, Coach, Volunteer - this course is for everyone to understand how Officiating is set up in the WFTDA.

WFTDA Officiating Procedures

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