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Looking for a new challenge?  

Try Our Roller Skating Training


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Roller Derby Training


FALL 2023

At The Roller Skating Place

Push yourself outside of your comfort zone with our Roller Derby Training!

Each week, you’ll build your roller skating skills.

We follow the Guidelines of WFTDA's "This is Roller Derby Training" 

Whether you’re just getting started with a fitness routine or if you are an experienced athlete, you’ll find a place on our team that will motivate and challenge you!


How to join:

  1. Cost: $125, please etransfer to or bring cash/ cheque to the first practice. This covers all Fall Sessions. 

  2. Complete our league registration & waiver 

  3. Also required: $33.90 for Insurance.  This is is etransfered to Roller Derby Canada <>

    •  This covers skaters for 120 days (4 months).

    • This option is available for new skaters who are trying out the sport or taking a new skater program. After 120 days skaters that continue to skate need to purchase a regular yearly membership for $55.00 ($62.15 including taxes).

    • Read all the details here: and click on SIGN UP FOR MEMBERSHIP . 

      • Complete the form on their website, and then etransfer them the $33.90 ($30 plus tax).
      • PLEASE include your real name and South Simcoe Rebel Rollers in the email transfer MESSAGE box available to you when completing the email transfer.

You must be 18+ to join.

Required Gear:  Helmet, Mouth guard, Elbow pads, Wrist Guards, Knee pads, Quad roller skates.

What if I have to miss a session?

  • This program will get you through the basics quickly, but don't worry - skaters who miss a session now and then will get support and coaching.  

  • Our practices are designed for all skill levels.  We encourage everyone  "Go at your own pace".  We want you here, working towards YOUR goals.  Our coaches are here to support you! 

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You are always one decision away from a completely different life

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