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Session 5: Bringing on the Hits

Updated: May 20, 2022

This is where the fun really starts.

Review, on Track

  • Pack drill – pack speeds up and slows down, movement from the inside to the outside, stops, back to the front, transition as a pack, fall small within the pack, bump wheels, squats, sticky skating, knee taps, pushes and hip movement by name,

  • Sharking – moves fluidly from side to side of the track, performs smooth lateral cuts, crossing the track at least 3 times on the straightaway and 2 times on turns

  • Endurance

Introduction to Positional Blocking

  • Plow stopping in front of another skater to slow that skater down

  • Duck Walk plow technique

  • Blocking with a partner in front of a “Jamming” skater

LEGAL BLOCKING ZONES - block ONLY with the "pink" areas shown

Introduction to Checks and Hits

  • Stationary hip hits with partner, check mark with hips, getting low, pop up

  • Movement into hip hits, slow pace, sharking into hit, no elbows

  • Taking a hit, derby stance

  • Two lines of skaters – Inside Skater is the hitter, hits “jammer” to the outside

  • Two lines of skaters – Outside skater hits “jammer” to the inside

  • Both “jammer” skaters enter track legally, no cutting, discuss

LEGAL TARGET ZONES - aim your hits ONLY at the "pink" areas


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