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Session 4: Keep going!

Updated: May 20, 2022

Pat yourself on the back! You are working hard and it sure doesn’t come easy. Stick with it and don’t get discouraged!!!

Here's what's coming up for this week's practice:


  • Skate Review with Partner– T-stops, plow stops, Right and Left Knee Falls, Lateral Jumping, Hopping, Backward skating, Wheel Bumping, Pushing, Hip Whips

Pack Skate

  • Fall small – learn to fall small and get back up to join the pack

  • Stepping around obstacles

  • Increase/decrease speed


Discussion of Track Lanes and Corners

  • Using stepping exercise: skaters step to lanes called out to them while in derby stance

Whipping, Hopping & Weaving

  • Inside whip & outside whips

  • Hopping – hops over an object without stumbling or losing balance, jumps with both feet simultaneously

  • Weaving through 10 Cones, Slalom style at moderate speed, movement through 10 cones no more than 5 feet apart, though them

Introduction to Turn around Toe stops


  • Keep practicing those Transitions & Turn arounds on skates

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